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Armageddon | Do you want to win or fail as a human civilization?

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Fix the United States, and it will fix the rest of this planet.
Question: How do you do this? Answer: Legalize, regulate and tax ALL DRUGS THAT EXISTS NOW!
Watch the crime rate plumet, the prisons free up and the youth will realize that the 'gangster world' has lost it's backbone and it will fall into the process of elimination by life.

Drudge Report of USA
Drudge Report

Do you want nuclear detonation?
Formula Time Moment Energy Work Theorem via Immortalnomics Cyberdyne101
This is me on my x-1985 Suzuki GS1150E in Fort Worth, TX. Click to enlarge photo, and you can see what happend at the end of this page.
Do you want nuclear detonation?
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"No One Here Gets Out Alive"
"This country, within it's institutions, belongs to the People who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it."
Abraham Lincoln
United States of America
Consolitated Memoradum Receipt
*under construction is the cognitive liberty equals collaborated freedom flowchart*
'Whoa to you or Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the beast with rath, because he knows the time is short...'
United States Navy
The Rush Limbaugh Show
The White House of the United States of America
The White House of the United States of America
The White House of the United States of America
Nuclear War And You; 'wipe Israel of the map', you heard it...
U.S. Army bike - Their whole drag race team is kick fricking ass, not to mention one of the bike drag racers is a hot lady.
Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States of America. Please click here for the 8-min video of A Voters' Guide to Republicans here...

The Family


American Congress For Truth - This site is made from a person from Beirut, she KNOWS what Islam is for, please check this out...
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The Elephant way of audiodrome interpolation...
The Donkey way of audiodrome interpolation...
Microsoft News
ABC News
NBC News
CBS News
America has two wars, Terrorism and the War On Drugs. Please click on this link after you have seen the logic for the Federate Union. There, you read about the 'Red Dragon' to see how the 2nd war can be won and disolve...
Geologic Time Scale - click to view
This photo just hit the wire (11/01/2006/W) in an immediate response to John Kerry's view of the U.S. military. Think about it, this person was almost the President of the United States. His statement is what the democrat party thinks of the United States Armed Forces.
Union Jack - Join or Die - click here to learn this.
Union Jack - Don't Tread On Me - click here to learn this.
There is no bar on the Lord's door, he is waiting for you to join him...
Do you think that this is fake? That this Iraqi lady is not sincere with her condolense for the American democracy; and a path for a rightous revolution? I know you know better than to enlarge photo.
This is me here, who is cyber talking to you. Freedom is what we all want, and I will fight to my death for it. The United States needs to legalize drugs in the country. There is no fucking way America will be free from this disease as long as it is outlawed. Crime will continue to escalate until it becomes legal and regulated by the government. The D.E.A. WILL NEVER defeat this, the only way is to legalize it. Please see the Red Dragon under the Federate Union to understand this...Click to view.
This is me and my x 1990 Honda CR500R. October of 1996 at Milford Lake ORV Park, Milford, Kansas.
United States Coast Guard
Headquarters of the American Legion
United States Air Force
United States Marine Corps
Check out the video I created, they're posted on YouTube...
The Bulletin - Atomic Clock, click here to go to see the current approximation of the earthly 'nuclear winter' status.
So, if you don't know - Islam's desire is that life is death for America. Check this shit out ~ Aljazeera Network - Lucifer's slave.
Xochi speaks...maybe here you might understand why my name is 'Listens For 10,000 Years'. For those of us who have 'tripped hard', you understand this quest...
United States ArmyPeriodic Table of the Elements, click for your free usage~It will find you on the darkest of nights; especially when you doubt it. Our world is surrounded by it; try and relate, here is our war~Home page of V.F.W. AMERICAN who does this WORK for FREE.Nuclear War And You; what you need to know and can do... United States Debt ClockQuickTopic free message boardsClick here for electricty generators of the future by CGS