Do you want nuclear detonation?
It doesn't matter if you an Al Queda terrorist or looking for ultimate in Evil, ignition of these weapons send your soul to the 'Lake of Fire'
All the things you try to hide~ will be revealed on the other side...All the things you try to hide~ will be revealed on the other side...
Cyberdyne 101
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Nuclear Weapons Effects

This web site also includes the love and commitment for these people against this terrorists world. Good vs. Evil, the war is continuing. Don't make President Donald Trump look stupid to me; until you pick up and hold a nuclear warhead; "Shut Up". - I did, it was a W-82 Mod A nuclear warhead artillery round. Talk about 'Lucifer in vitro-ferltilization' - - -

I hope that you can understand what freedom and the Constitution of the United States of America is. It is very vital for all Americans who operate this country, to know this:

pre Cyber-Dyne101: Starts with this: You are a mass on a body that is traveling through space at an orbital speed of 67,108-mph. Orbital because you are circulating the sun. Within 365.256363 days, you have completed a rotation of our sun (star).

So whatever you think about, don't forget that you are actually "Balling Through Space". Because every 24 hours, you have traveled 1,610,592-miles through space. Therefore every year, you have traveled 588,278,976.197-miles in space!

Purpose: Before I state the 'lowdown' on my knowledge of nuclear weapons, this source comes from A. USMC NOPSF experience during March of 1989 B. Personal friend of my father's and mine who was at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, NV and witnesses and described to us a United States DoD atomic blast in 1953.

I am an American. The destruction of the World Trade Center is a perfect description for the hate of democracy. There is good in all off us; and we will prevail.
Finally before I will extract this unclassified information, remember, we ALL come from ONE; no matter who you are, hear this "No matter how far if you think and feel that this is 'right'; makes only how much more you are lost..." 'The Devil is never a maker, the less that you give you're a taker.'

The purpose of this period of instruction is to provide the student with a basic knowledge and awareness of nuclear radiation and its related considerations. Hands on experience from the United States Marine Corps on handling nuclear warheads gives me big credentials here in posting this web site. At the end of this web page is a video I composed that illustrates the outcome of such a nuclear annihilation on this planet, which will be delivered to human kind.

Before we begin, I will throw in the fact that all the nuclear submarines (Russia & the United States) have enough power that if all fired off, would be equivalent to 23,000 times the power of what happened to Hiroshima, Japan on August 6th, 1945 ~ ending life on this planet without mutation.

a. First Nuclear Detonation July 16, 1945 at Alamogordo, New Mexico, near the dawn of the day, a nuclear weapon of approximately twenty kilotons (20 KT.) yield was detonated. The light was seen 450 miles away and the sound was heard 150 miles away.

The mushroom shaped cloud rose to 8 miles in altitude. In comparison, modern day warheads are over 10,000 times as powerful.

1. History of Nuclear Weapons

Blast Accounts for 50% of the energy. This comes from the shock wave. there are 2 effects included in blast power; static and dynamic over pressure.

Static Over Pressure This is the vacuum effect that causes buildings to collapse from the inside.

Dynamic Over Pressure This is the pushing, tearing and crushing effect that would come to mind automatically.

b. Blast/Shockwave's A destructive high-pressure wall of air moves out from ground zero (GZ) in all directions. As this wave travels outward, it knocks over most everything in its path. Once reaching its maximum distance away from GZ, the wave snaps back toward GZ, pulling debris into the fireball.

c. Initial Radiation During the first sixty seconds gamma rays and neutrons are emitted.

d. Fireball This starts almost immediately after destruction, but is not really evident until it starts to rise (unless it is an air-burst). The fireball is defined as intensely hot, luminous sphere of compressed gas emitting thermal radiation, similar to sunlight. The fireball is so hot that it instantly vaporizes the debris sucked into it. As it rises, it begins to cool and expand. The vaporized particles are what will form the familiar mushroom shaped cloud.

e. Residual Radiation (fallout) The above mentioned particles are radioactivity charged. Eventually they will fall from the cloud back down to earth. This is known more familiarly to us a fallout. Depending on the size of the weapon this may take from hours, to possibly days to accomplish.

5. Types of Burst: There are 3 types of burst we will discuss.

a. Air Burst: This type of burst (from an offensive point of view) makes the best use of thermal and initial radiation effects, and EMP, with not quite as much blast effects, for tactical use. The fireball does not touch the ground, so little fallout is produced.

b. Surface Burst: This is the fallout producer. It will always produce a mushroom cloud. It is distinguishable from a low altitude air burst by a dark, dirty, solid stem connecting to the cloud.

c. Sub-Surface Burst: This is used for cratering, ground shock waves and terrain contamination with neutron-induced activity. The fireball does not break the Earth’s surface.

9. Medical Aspects and Self Aid

a. Medical Aspects: Nuclear radiation is highly penetrating. To use simple language, it destroys cell's ability to reproduce or rebuild itself. In addition to this, red and white blood cells, bone marrow and internal organs are destroyed.

1. Acute Radiation Sickness: Acute radiation is a lethal amount of radiation absorbed within a 24-hr period. 400-cGy is enough to cause death.

2. Chronic Radiation Sickness: Chronic radiation sickness is small amounts of radiation over a long period of time.

Characteristics of Radiation Poisoning: No immediate reaction will occur at first (so spark up that pipe cause the party's going to be over soon) however soon an upset stomach will cause lack of appetite, resulting into fatigue and vomiting. On the average of 3-days later, recovery should start. However, recovery is never complete...

b. Self Aid

1. Treatment is symptomatic only.
2. Get plenty of rest.
3. Drink plenty of liquid, preferably water.
4. Maintain good and personal hygiene.
5. Use antibiotics and morphine for prevention of secondary infections and pain killers...

IF ANYONE COULD HAVE EXPECTED God to recognize his brilliance, it would have been Abraham Lincoln. If anyone could have compared himself to others and favorably, it would have been your 16th President of the United States. Yet, here was a man who knew who was in charge.

A personal friend of Lincoln's wrote: "I have been spending three weeks at the White House as a guest of the president. One night, it was just before Battle of Bull Run, I was restless and could not sleep. From Lincoln's bedroom, I heard the low tone of his voice. Looking in the door, which was slightly ajar, I saw a sight which I have never forgotten."

"The tall chief executive was kneeling before an open Bible. He did not know I could overhear his agonizing supplications as he pleaded, 'Oh thou great God who heard Solomon in the night when he prayed and cried out for his wisdom, hear me. I cannot lead these people. I cannot guide the affairs of this country without thy help. Oh Lord, hear me and save this nation.'"

Lincoln knew that rely on God and God alone was the only way. As individuals and as a nation, we will face many more difficult times. We do not have to do this alone.

'Bamster is no comparison to Abraham Lincoln.

A statement from the 1995 American Legion Chaplains National Conference emphasized a statement from the "Service to God and Country" handbook: "Without God the is no Americanism"

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8. Self Aid Measures

*note:* Basically you can "flat fucking scratch it", but if you want to live in a 'nuked land' here some tips to a willing hand...

Protective Measures: There are 2 classes I will discuss - without, with ample warning...

1. With Warning: If you have warning of future detonation. Get thousands of miles away from it, and escape the immediate effects. But don't worry, it will catch up with you someday, and regardless of your location within this body of planet Earth, radiation will find you..

2. Without Warning: When no warning is given, a brilliant flash of light will probably be your first indication of a nuclear detonation.

a. Fall to the ground, if possible. Immediately close your eyes. Cover all exposed body parts.

b. Remain down until the blast wave has passed and the debris has stopped falling.

c. Stay calm, your life has now changed FOREVER and then check for injury, check weapons and equipment for damage, dust yourself off and continue mission. (A beautiful sample of Black Sabbath's War Pigs (c) 1975 Sabotage understanding.)

d. If dust should be blown or kicked up, place a damp handkerchief over your mouth and nose to protect the respiratory tract. The M17 Series Field Protected Mask could be used as a dust respirator, except fallout/dust will soon clog filters, rendering your mask useless in the event of a possible chemical or biological attack.

7. Units of Measurement for Radioactivity.ts
All radiation whether initial or residual, is measured by these standards.

a. Total Dose: The amount of an absorbed dose of any nuclear radiation. Total radiation dose is measured in centigray (cGy).

b. Dose Rate: This is the rate at which an individual is exposed to radiation every hour. Dose rate is measure in centigray per hour (cGy/hr).

c. Centigray: The base unit of measurement in radiation. This is equivalent to to the older unit of measurement of "Rad" One centigram equals one Rad. ( 1-cGy = 1-Rad).

d. Micro gray: The prefix micro means one/one millionth. 10 micro gray (10-uGy) is equivalent to one millirad. Once again millirad is obsolete, replaced by the new term micro gray (uGy).

e. How To Find The Total Dose (TD): The two ways to determine the total dose (TD) is by multiplying the dose rate (cGy/hr or uGy/hr) by the time of exposure (in hours). The formula is the rate multiplied by time equals TD.

6.5 Types of Radiation: There are 4 types of radiation, from least concern to most intense they are:

a. Alpha Radiation. This radiation is largely debris contaminant. Alpha radiation has these characteristics:

1. made up of 2 protons and 2 neutrons. (a helium nucleus).
2. Travels only a few centimeters.
3. Poor penetrating power
4. Little military significance (it does not destroy)
5. Internal hazard only. (When alpha particles get into the body, they are 10 times as dangerous as the equivalent amount of gamma rays).

Beta Radiation. This is also a debris contaminant. Beta radiation has 3 characteristics.

1. High speed electrons.
2. Travels at the speed of light. (186,000 miles a second)
3. Penetrates only a few layers of skin.
4. Internal and external hazard. (Beta causes 5 times the amount of damage compared to equal amounts of gamma rays when inside the body)

c. Gamma Radiation. This is an intense form of radiation consisting of:

1. Made up of pure energy.
2. Travels at the speed of light (see above for speed)
3. Penetrates through anything.
4. Creates a shielding problem.

d. Neutron Induced Radiation. Produces gamma radiation and beta particles through neutron capture.

1. Forms a symmetrical pattern around the GZ area and is embedded therein.
2. More persistent than the fallout because it is a soil contaminant.
3. Very difficult to decontaminate.

6. Types of Yields: Nuclear weapons are measured in yield (power) by equivalence to tons of TNT.

a. Kiloton: One kiloton (KT) equals the explosive power of 1000 tons of TNT. (A football field entirely covered with TNT blocks on meter high)

b. Megaton: One megaton (MT) equals the explosive power of 1,000,000 tons of TNT. ( A football field entirely covered with blocks of TNT 1000 meters high)

a. Flash of light At the moment of detonation there is a brilliant, blinding flash of light.

b. First Military Target In 1945 the decision was made to use a nuclear weapon on Japan. After forewarning the city of Hiroshima with leaflets the day before, the US dropped a nuclear weapons of approximately 12 kilotons on August 6, 1945. The results were devastating. 76,000 people were killed or injured and five square miles were destroyed.

(Today, that will/would be 50,000 square miles, thus 225 miles by 225 miles is a lot of land)

c. Last Military Target The last weapon to be used in warfare was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan on August 9, 1945. The yield was approximately16 kilotons. The results were approximately 36,000 people killed, 40,000 injured and 40% of the city destroyed. This convinced the Japanese that prolonging the war was not in there best interest, and they surrendered shortly thereafter on September 2, 1945.

2. Sequence of Events: Keep in mind that (a), (b) and (c) are simultaneous in their occurrence.

References: xx x-x and xx x-x

Terminal Learning Objectives:

1. Without the aid of reference, list in writing the four (4) types of radiation, in accordance with xx x-x. 2. Without the aid of reference, describe in writing the units of measurements for radioactivity, in accordance with xx x-x.

3. Without the aid of reference, state in writing the protective measure against radiation,
in accordance with xx x-x.

4. Without the aid of reference, state in writing the medical aspects and self aid measures for nuclear radiation, in accordance with xx x-x.

Understanding this,

450 x 10,000 = 4,500,000 light will be seen 4.5 million miles away in space

150 x 10,000 = sound waves travel at 1/x2 in space, (x being the distance traveled) therefore it dissipates rather quickly into nothing...

8 x 10,000 = 80,000 miles our moon will be 1/3 the way reached by our earth’s dust

So were toast 'eh?!

This is the process of an air burst nuclear detonation.
Atomic blast>

There goes the neighborhood

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Do you want nuclear detonation?
Do you want nuclear detonation?
Do you want nuclear detonation?
Time(Mo^Earth) = global*D*( population + energy consumption/energy production + pollution + Atm. temp. + natural resources + organic&industrial disease + crime*war)
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