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Cyber-Dyne101: The human race will be able to transfer memory into hard-drive.
Once this is done, the abitlity for humans (mind/memory) will be able to transmit throughout the global IP (internet protocol) and the coming IGIP = Inter Galactic Internet Protocol.

I display my USMC photo to represent the creation of this concept. I had the experiece of picking up a nuclear warhead
during my brief training with the Nuclear Ordinance Platoon Security Force.
Designation: W-82 (Mod 1)
Type: Artillery round used in M198s (155-mm Howitzer)
Width: 6.1-in.
Length: 34-in.
Weight: 95-lbs.
Yield: 2,000-Tons of TNT
Fuzing: Airburst
Deployment Status: Cancelled in September, 1990

Introduction: According to Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, the mass of a body changes when its temperature changes. An example of this is when a spring is compressed; the added elastic energy increases its mass. The quantity E = mc2 was rightly called the total energy because it encompasses all forms of total energy associated with the body.

This is what occurs in the process of both nuclear fission and fusion. An atomic explosion is convincing evidence of the equivalence of mass and energy. This is a lot of power, power that when/if this is ever harnessed, would produces thousands of times more than any of our electrical generating methods of today. Thus begins the discussion of the Ordinance Power Electrical Generator System.
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Cyber-Dyne: The objective is to share then transfer before death human brain memory into hard-drive. Once this is done, the abitlity for humans (mind/memory) will be able to transmit throughout the IP (internet protocol) and the inter-galactic IP.
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Discussion: Harnessing an atomic blast would be a major feat, but the principal of the matter remains the same for any type of blast. The idea is to produce such a device that would encompass energy produced during a single high temperature blast, with the vapor of H2O. Using thermodynamics and hydrostatic laws by mechanical means, such a device is introduced here.

The Ordinance Power Electrical Generator System O.P.E.G.S. is a radial eight (8) star expansion chamber system that is buried beneath the surface of the earth for safety and environmental reasons. The operation of this device works in these steps and will be described following this outline.
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Charging Energy Phase

Ordinance preparation
1. Water atomization/distribution system (WADS)
2. Ignition
3. Air vacuum gates
4. Expansion
5. Turbine work
* 1. Flywheels
* 2. Winding Springs
* 3. Gear/clutch housing units
* 4. Generators
6. Flywheels
7. Radial winding springs
8. Gear/Clutch housing units
9. Generators
10. Chamber cooling system
11. Exhaust chambers
12. Power harness system
Ordinance preparation A.N.F.O. (Ammonia Nitrate Fuel Oil) is the blasting agent used in this system. A.N.F.O. has a high velocity of detonation incorporating with its incredible pressure blasting of 200,000 psia. It is lowered into the blast epicenter by the ordinance elevator. Once the ordinance is mounted and prepared for detonation, the elevator will rise back into the control tower.

1. Water Atomization/Distribution System (W.A.D.S.) The W.A.D.S. is for the total equal and adjusted H2O mist distribution prior to the chemical heat flash of the explosion. The combination of the two allows pressure to climb up to its designated pressure level of the rigid body. Once this is maximized, the chamber humidity readings will trigger that the desired humidity level is reached.
2. Ignition The ordinance is signaled to detonate

3. Air Vacuum Gates Atmospheric air which contains about 16% Oxygen is required in order for the expansion in the explosion to occur. Blast chamber valves will open as suction for the O2 draws. After the 'draw' is reached, springs will shut the gates for the expansion process to begin.

4. Gas Expansion Expanding heat and steam will travel out the chamber tunnels and blow through the turbine wheels on the 1st phase. One this is done and the massive radial springs are brought to their max.; the expansion is carried to the next phase of springs to be wound. This carried out to complete the 4 segments of the springs on the chambers. The gas will commence the rotation of the turbines to begin, and continue until the gas is expended.
Turbine Work

5. Turbines High temperate ceramic turbines are rotated through the pressurized chambers and produce the movement of the flywheels incorporated with the large, radial winding springs to revolute.

6. Flywheels Balanced flywheels mounted vertically with the main shaft will continue the winding processes of the radial springs.

7. Radial Winding Springs Radial winding springs are mounted vertically with the main shaft of the ceramic turbines. They are delivered the torque required for them to create the largest and safe amount of elastic energy available for the springs.

8. Gear & Clutch Housing Units The gear/clutch housing unit is used to control the transmission of the radial spring's units and operation of the generators. " During a blasting process, once the springs are wound to a safe "peak" position for there max. elastic energy, they will be 'freed up' from the continuing revolution of the main shaft. " Revolution will continue until the energy of the explosion is exhausted. " After the blast is exhausted, the gear/clutch housing units will be used to operate the Winding Energy Phase and spin the max. voltage generators to create electricity current and send it to the capacitor and storage modules.

9. Generators Lay out on the ends of the main shaft(s), they rotate with the initial blast activity, the elastic energy supplied by the springs allows the rotation to continue using the gear/clutch units to turn them and operate the winding energy phase. There energy is from the same process as springs in a wind up watch.

10. Chamber Cooling System A thermodynamic correct liquid/radiant cooling process in integrated with within the system to prevent a 'meltdown' during any of the entire operation sequences.
11. Exhaust Chambers Expended heat and energy exits of the system are filtered off at the end of the chamber tunnels. These are 'charcoal type' structures laid around ceramic coated steel structures to restrict the exhausting of the A.N.F.O. and H2O. The purpose is to help prevent free gas expansion from environmental disruption.

12. Power Harness System The Power Harness System is the series of circuits, wiring and power storing format for the entire operation of the process. From the initial detonation of the ordinance device, to the electrical energy travel to the cities and rural communities.

The Winding Energy Phase is when the 'wounded' springs are released to operate a gearing system. The gearing system is designed to maximize the spring's energy by rotating the generators. Once the springs have been completely expelled, the entire process starts all over with the Charging Energy Phase.

Summary: The total global energy consumption will hit us some day, as it recently has done in the state of California (October of 2001). If this goes too far, a catastrophic event for the industrial world will occur.

The Ordinance Power Electrical Generator System is an electrical producing machine that can carry out the energy consumption vs. energy production ratio far into the next millennium.

Ordinance Power Electrical Generator System created by: Clay Garrett Strombeck Rapid City, SD 57702 clay@claystrombeck.com
Started date: 06/12/1989/ST
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