Cyber-Dyne101: The human race will be able to transfer memory into hard-drive.

Once this is done, the abitlity for humans (mind/memory) will be able to transmit throughout the global IP (internet protocol) and the coming IGIP = Inter Galactic Internet Protocol.

Cognitive Liberty is 'collaborated freedom' Cyberdyne 101 is the thought process of understanding and progressing towards the positive outcome of life. The ‘machine’ is the human race developing itself towards the ability for eternal life. This data is extracted by a homo sapien species that has: *data not included. And others classified things have occured; so "Carry on!"

We are at a critical time right now, but also at the 'Golden Years'. I am human and currently am in a living static. I also can currently transmit data. Cyberdyne101 root is the acronym, KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. Using this theory; there are 10 numbers, 26 letter (English interpolation) and 118-known elements.

Cyber-Dyne101: The human race will be able to transfer memory into hard-drive.

CyberDyne 101
182 Bowl The 182 Bowl is a complete smooth bowl that 2-D's a 91 degree ramp towards the second quadrant x 4. The degrees for this bowl is at 91-degree in one quadrant, have a total of two totals to 182 degrees. This bowl provides a perfect bowl for ramp experience. It is surrounded by a Entertainment/Shopping environment with restaurateurs, bars, theaters, libraries, gyms and automotive and motorcycle features. However, the internal required space will involve spacial diameters, varying a safety net for spatial needs ~ i.e., the image drawn is not to scale because this type of allowance voides standards, and impact would occur and death is near! Humans who wish to experience this high speed extravaganza are set up in in surrounded roll cage. This roll cage is the STROVCC (shielded temperature remote object video communication cage) system which has a built in drive system using an electric charge. 182 Bowl The speed is no greater than 'terminal velocity'. Multiple riders are allowed on the bowl because the is a similar charge emitted throughout the bowl which prevents collision amongst riders because of electric repulsion. This is the reverse polarity of metal magnets used at metal scrap yards.

Time(Mo^Earth) = global*D*( population + energy consumption/energy production + pollution + Atm. temp. + natural resources + organic&industrial disease + crime*war)
Formula Time Moment Energy Work Theorem via Immortalnomics Cyberdyne101
Geologic Time Scale - click to view
Periodic Table of the Elements, click for your free usage~
The United of America Debt Clock
Immortal or Mortal.
Do you want nuclear detonation?
Do you want nuclear detonation?
Do you want nuclear detonation?
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Legalize Drugs to Eliminate Crime in America
This is me on my x-1985 Suzuki GS1150E in Fort Worth, TX. Click to enlarge photo, and you can see what happend at the end of this page.

182 Bowl
CyberDyne 101
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Ordinance Power Electrical Generator System