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Legalize Drugs to Eliminate Crime in America
Armageddon | Do you want to win or fail as a human civilization?

Defense Peace and freedom can be only achieved though strength. History has shown, painfully, that weakness and vacillation invite aggression.

Republicans - believe that the only way to preserve world peace is to have a powerful, prepared defense.
The Republican Party and its leaders are strongly opposed to domestic and international terrorism, and are committed to a policy that will make no concessions to terrorists.

The Republican Party believes in working diplomatically to help resolve dangerous regional conflicts and has achieved a reduction of nuclear weapons.

Democrats administrations have cut America's defenses. Relying on talk and good intentions to preserve world peace, democrats advocate sublimation of our sovereign interest to the authority of the United Nations.

Republicans - believe in local control of school boards, have advanced the concept of school vouchers allowing parental choice for lower income families to seek the best school for their children.

Democrats consistently protect the status-quo of our falling educational system resisting creative efforts to improve opportunities for our children.
Republicans - remedying poverty requires that we sustain and broaden economic recovery, hold families together, get government's hand out of their pocketbooks, and restore the work ethic.

Democrats "For some, the goal of independence requires greater support and assistance from government. We pledge to provide that support."
There are two wars the United States of America is at:
1. war on Drugs - make this LEGAL, create tax revenue for the states and eliminate the illegal drug trade.
war on Terrorism
The Budget
Republicans - believe the family is the foundations of our social order; the school of democracy, believe it is important that we reflect upon and consider carefully the impact of government actions upon family life.(But MUST legalize drugs because of freedom & religion. The economic and crime crisis would evaporate!) Click Here For WHY???

Democrats support efforts to make federal programs and benefits available to same sex couples.
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Fix the United States, and it will fix the rest of this planet.
Question: How do you do this? Answer: Legalize, regulate and tax ALL DRUGS THAT EXISTS NOW!
Watch the crime rate plumet, the prisons free up and the youth will realize that the 'gangster world' has lost it's backbone and it will fall into the process of elimination by life.

Drudge Report of USA
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"No One Here Gets Out Alive"
Drugs: are by only the individual who chooses to do such an experiment, which can become a habit. They can be as holy and help you appreciate your surrounding; or they can be 'Satanic' if you will. I don't mean to alarm you with this; but the first target in this are 'atheist'. Use moderately, smoking marijuana and other pharmaceuticals can be regulated. Alcohol is a drugs, cigarettes are a drugs, drugs are drugs and therefore legalize it ALL! To demonstrate this joke on the U.S. society and why our crime rate is bad; operate a complete 'drug test' for everyone who attends the United States Presidential Inauguration Ball.

Please see the 'Red Dragon' from this page for information on this subject.
Health Care
Republicans - believe in personal choice, maintaining quality, guaranteeing access, reducing cost, enhancing flexibility, ensuring fairness and encouraging individual responsibility.

Democrats support forcing Americans to purchase health insurance through government alliances, massive new payroll taxes, health entitlements and government controls which would lead to rationing of health care and the quality of medical care in this country.
Taxes & Spending
Republicans - continue to fight for limits on taxes and a permanent repeal of the death tax, believe that the government spending should not grow faster than the ability of citizens to pay for it.

Democrats fight to raise taxes largely to increase the size of government and their ability to spend. Fiscal restraint is necessary in families and it must be so in government.
Republicans - support: able-bodied recipients of welfare to work, time limits on assistance, incentives to receive schooling or job training and pursuing"dead-beat dads" for child support.

Democrats vote against requiring recipients to work and time limits on welfare.
Republicans - emphasize the free market, exploration of new energy stores, and an environmentally friendly approach to bringing new energy resources to the American people.

Democrats emphasize conservation to solve the energy problems and place environment over development which results in continued reliance on foreign oil.

Republicans - The Republican Party strives to cut excessive regulation, decentralize the federal government and return power to state and local governments. Would exempt small businesses from regulation wherever feasible.

Democrats Democratic policies stifle business, especially small business, with endless regulation, paperwork and red tape.

- believe the first obligation of government is to protect the lives $ property of its citizens. Both adults & juvenal must learn that actions have consequences & that they are responsible for their behavior.

Democrats often vote to water down crime fighting provisions and support endless appeal processes.

The Environment
Republicans - Republican Party recognizes the importance of a safe and clean environment, and believes that the environmental concerns must be balanced against economic growth and energy development.

Democrats The Democratic party also recognizes the importance of safe and clean environment, but lacks concern for the economic factors involved and the jobs that regulations cost.
The Economy Republican and Democrat$ differ over the philosophy of government and its role in the marketplace.

Republicans - The Republican Party believes that the free enterprise system is the key to individual and national prosperity. Republicans seek to protect the free enterprise system against unwarranted government regulation, believe that "individuals shall prosper.."

Democrats The Democratic Party has, time and again, encouraged budget deficits and continues to fight plans to balance the federal budget, call for reducing the federal deficit through reductions in defense and tax increases, believe that "government shall provide.."
What is the 78Ation Party? The 78Ation Party is from the needed increase of honest retail transaction for the public. The United States government needs to be corrected on funds. I have witness massive waste of public money to support it's own system. This was not regulated or controlled, and was a total waste of funds. That is only one, of millions of other reasons I'm sure.

Live CMR's (consolidated memorandum receipts online) will show live phystical actions of the tax dollars being generated and spent by the government as well as all inventory of items funded by the United States of America tax payer. The public will witness this, and therefor be able to regulate it in the future.

The purpose of the 78AtionParty is too limit and regulate the government that controls free nation citizens; of the United States of America. Service dates of political people will be regulated and relieved in a timely matter. More data is coming.

"This country, within it's institutions, belongs to the People who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it."
Abraham Lincoln
United States of America
Republican vs. Democrat
See the facts of what the difference is:
'Whoa to you or Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the beast with rath, because he knows the time is short...'
'Ordinance Power Electrical Generating System'
United States Navy
The Rush Limbaugh Show
The White House of the United States of America
The White House of the United States of America
Facts about Barack Hussein Obama.
Nuclear War And You; 'wipe Israel of the map', you heard it...
Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States of America. Please click here for the 8-min video of A Voters' Guide to Republicans here...
Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States of America. Please click here for the 8-min video of A Voters' Guide to Republicans here...
Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States of America. Please click here for the 8-min video of A Voters' Guide to Republicans here...
Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States of America. Please click here for the 8-min video of A Voters' Guide to Republicans here...

The Family


American Congress For Truth - This site is made from a person from Beirut, she KNOWS what Islam is for, please check this out...
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Immortal or Mortal.
America has two wars, Terrorism and the War On Drugs. Please click on this link after you have seen the logic for the Federate Union. There, you read about the 'Red Dragon' to see how the 2nd war can be won and disolve...
This is me trial-shooting a Soviet triple-A gun with his fellow Marines in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia March 3, 1991. Desert Shield/Storm is a perfect example of how the police state of the world got fucked over because we were to nice and we told to pull out. Ya, the Republican Guard left Kuwait, but terrorism continued to be trained and hello 9/11!  I would love to run a drug test during the U.S. Presidential Inaugural Ball, I gurantee 90% of those would fail because they are on illegal substance. What a f@cking joke, legalize drugs and gain control for the safety and economy of it.
Geologic Time Scale - click to view
This photo just hit the wire (11/01/2006/W) in an immediate response to John Kerry's view of the U.S. military. Think about it, this person was almost the President of the United States. His statement is what the democrat party thinks of the United States Armed Forces.
Union Jack - Join or Die - click here to learn this.
Union Jack - Don't Tread On Me - click here to learn this.
There is no bar on the Lord's door, he is waiting for you to join him...
Do you think that this is fake? That this Iraqi lady is not sincere with her condolense for the American democracy; and a path for a rightous revolution? I know you know better than to enlarge photo.
This is me and my x 1990 Honda CR500R. October of 1996 at Milford Lake ORV Park, Milford, Kansas.
United States Coast Guard
Headquarters of the American Legion
United States Air Force
United States Marine Corps
Check out the video I created, they're posted on YouTube...
The Bulletin - Atomic Clock, click here to go to see the current approximation of the earthly 'nuclear winter' status.
Jihad - Understanding the threat.
So, if you don't know - Islam's desire is that life is death for America. Check this shit out ~ Aljazeera Network - Lucifer's slave.
So, if you don't know - Islam's desire is that life is death for America. Check this shit out ~ Aljazeera Network - Lucifer's slave.
Birth of a Nation, the Evil that is...
Xochi speaks...maybe here you might understand why my name is 'Listens For 10,000 Years'. For those of us who have 'tripped hard', you understand this quest...
United States ArmyPeriodic Table of the Elements, click for your free usage~It will find you on the darkest of nights; especially when you doubt it. Our world is surrounded by it; try and relate, here is our war~Home page of V.F.W. AMERICAN who does this WORK for FREE.Nuclear War And You; what you need to know and can do...